THE WHY! (if you wish to navigate the blog, keep reading!!!)

This is what happens when you miss something so much that a piece of your life seems to be missing. But that something was created in a time long gone, life not lived anymore. This is what happens when you combine a passion that didn´t want to go away and life you live at the moment.

Without this blog my creativity suffered. I stopped writing, I stopped with photography and coincidentally didn´t pay attention to the world around me. So basically this blog is my own boot to the buttocks to get a move on and stop sleeping while life passes. 

And that is its essence – a motivational blog without motivation for others, but motivation for me to create and post pictures, stories, life stories and whatever comes with it. For me and whoever likes it.

WARNING – the picture is a show off intermezzo (the statement, if not obvious to the unlearned eye is:”look at the nice swans and look at the nice picture I made!”, if you continue reading, there will be THE HOW” after the picture.


The Post Bridge

I, the ONE with absolute power over this blog, have decided there will be three main parts. The first part will be the page with the current posts. As I value our privacy, the post will be mostly pictures that I will learn how to edit and enhance as I go along. All the pictures will be accompanied with a few words of wisdom from me and some narration so that we, as a family will remember the moments. That part of the blog is called the PostBridge – as a non-tech-savy guy, I see the different pages as bridges to different content. imagining the clicks as a way-bridge to another place, makes my brain easier to process what the hell I am doing here.

The WaybackBridge

Writing the previous blog and reading it now, three years after it finished, proved to me that the hours that were put into it, were well worth the effort. Reading the stories now, looking at Mojca and Ambrož reading about the things they hardly remember or not at all, brings me a lot of joy. That brings us to the second part of the blog – WaybackBridge. With my less-than-adequate-knowledge of the blog technology I managed to lose most of my previous blog. So, I will, slowly but surely try to resurrect it – post by post.

The StoryBridge

“What else is there – what else can this creative person give to the reader?!”

If you are asking that question, you are the right person for this blog. What this blog can offer you is some amateur reading at its best or worst, depends on what you expect from the writing. You can find the stories on the StoryBridge. Basically original ideas for short stories put on digital paper for you to read. Some are ready and will be put on the blog chapter by chapter, other are pending. If you like them, the blog will deliver more. If you hate them, well good riddance to you too. So, if you are interested, write to the administrator of the blog (send an email by filling the form below, send the email and receive the password for the story and the chapter of your choosing. Oh, yeah, almost forgot, the stories are free, no charge at all.