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Reggaehase Boooo

What can you expect from a puppet show named Reggae Rabbit named Boooo (live! nonetheless)? Apparently a lot! It was absolutely fantastic, fresh, with lots of fun (live) music the kids could dance to. And the story got me involved even though it was in German. Going to a puppet show reminded me I hate […]

Offspring / Potomci

Offspring / Potomci

Having a child changes you forever. I do not mean that I fell in love with my kids the moment I saw them and that an overwhelming sense of fatherly love overpowered me (when I first saw them I was scared out of my wits, they smelled funny and they weren`t even close to pretty, […]

Foreigners / Tujci

It has been a lovely two days. We had visitors. Paula`s sister Petra and her partner Aleš came for a one day visit on their way back from a Hannover WV beetle convention. Having people for a visit was great. The kids were excited, they could barely calm down, they were so happy to see some other face […]