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The story after the story ended

The story after the story ended

Almost three years ago (has it really been that long), I posted the last post as the hertourage self-proclaimed leader. At that point I was wondering what is in store for us. The first posts will be about that time, the life after hertourage and how we adapted to our life back in Slovenia. I […]


This is going to be one long post, so I hope you are ready. It was a real adventure, one for the books. General feelings I have never been to Berlin before. And this is the first visit to one of three most popular cities in Europe (the other two being London and Paris). It is hard […]

A weekend with Leonor / Vikend z Leonoro

The title sounds like a Woody Allen movie. 🙂 A lot has happened in the past two days and the most memorable was the time we spent with Leonor. Leonor is a friend Paula met at her German language course. She is Spanish, our age, kind and nice and has that typical Spanish look and aura […]

Top Chefs / Najboljša kuharja

Paula has encouraged me to post something about my more-than-mediocre cooking abilities. I have denied her requests because I do not want to be too self-indulgent. But today Ambrož (Mojca helped in the beginning but soon lost interest – hm, a modern woman 😉 ) and I cooked something together that really came out as a […]

In the rain / V dežju

The weather left us no other choice. We geared up and went for it. Aaaaand, we were back in one hour, most of which the kids were safely tucked under a waterproof cover of the stroller and daddy was out in the rain pushing the stroller. Even the fish in the water didn`t lure the […]

Late night post / Pozna objava

Today I am tired. Not because of the rain, although it has been raining the entire day. And not because of the kids, they were perfect today (they always are it is I who has faults and bad days). I am beat because I have been working, trying to earn some money (all you German […]