The fourth week of isolation due to Covid-19 or coronavirus or Sars 2 pandemic and we are still hanging on. Being stuck most of the time in an apartment does not give rise to new adventures. Therefore, the routine is king. Sticking to the same rhythm and some sense of order has definitely helped us stay sane and relatively happy. Schooling, cooking, working, writing, gaming, watching, reading, photographing, playing, exercising, creating, painting are all the things we are doing and have been doing intensively in our small apartment and still we have enough ideas for next couple of weeks. Also our early morning walks have given us the chance to get some fresh air and get some nice bird photos. In the beginning it felt weird, like being on a holiday you never really asked for, but it seems that this is our new normal. The normality entails a picture of a bread, cause what is more normal than some bread:

On the other hand we have started to feel a bit cooped up and sometimes also frustrated due to the fact that we seem to be taking the measures seriously, but then we watch from our balcony at the people who are taking this opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. Sometimes it takes some effort to keep an open and non-aggressive mind toward the choices of other people. We are still succeeding at it. While the pandemic seems to be winding down at least in Slovenia, the pandemic measures will very likely be extended for some time to come. This could interfere with our plans for holidays as it seems that we will not be able to go to the Island of Hvar in Croatia, which has dampened our mood just a bit. Or a bit more than that. But we are staying as positive as we can in the given situation. However, it seems we will not be able to see our other family from Scotland the Elisses for the first year since returning home. And that sucks big time. We tried to celebrate the holidays in a mixed spirit of Slovenia and Scotland – the SS, wait no, SS does not sound a good abbreviation for something nice, so I´ll go with Slosc holiday. Yeah, much better. Also we have gotten so many nice pictures from family and friends about their celebrations and we love them.

With this in mind we have to search for the good things about being locked away from any social contact except those closes to us. For instance, I have figured out that I can eat salads with as much garlic on it as I want and only my family gets to smell the garlic breath. Also I have achieved level 48 in Witcher and attained the Grandmaster Feline, Manticore and Griffin armors and currently trying to get the Wolf armor. True, I know how somebody reading this would be thinking: “why would anybody care about this”, but I do, I do dammit. 😀 And I am in isolation so I guess it is my right to play Witcher. Must be a law about this, somewhere – the law of right to do whatever you want when in isolation.

But enough words, I have nothing to report, except yeah EASTER. We got chocolates from the Easter bunny, well the kids did, I will try and steal as many as I can ;). So, good food is basically what is in store for us in the next two days. Enjoy the next pictures of some birds (all taken by us, mostly my wife, but I try to keep up) and enjoy the holidays.