In times like these, we all need 40 good wishes and a song about how this too shall pass:

Loving them – my god that voice!

We still got it! When we set our minds towards a goal, some really nice things can emerge. Well, this and also it helps that due to Covid restrictions we have quite a lot of time on our hands. The November holidays have been extended for one week and I am staying at home with the kids. But even before the holidays we noticed that the afternoons, with all of the after school activities cancelled, we are left with a lot of spare time. The extra time and the inspiration from our Ruby in Scotland (who designed a really neat Halloween mask) prompted us to get into the creative mode.

And so, while the world unravelled outside (with more than 30% of tested people turning out positive for Covid, which meant more than 1500 and even 2000 new infected people per day, which are extremely scary figures for a country as small as Slovenia) we decided to try out some plans for EVA foam props. With the help of some amazingly creative people at and their free templates for some of their EVA foam props we went to work.

We were really happy with how things turned out. Happy because the project was equal to closing ones eyes and jumping head first into a murky pool – which was thankfully somewhat illuminated by the instructions from the punished props and facilitated by my brother´s tools. We decided to ride on the wave of our success and do something more, more attuned to the Halloween spirit.

We also made a home-made nutella that doesn´t suck (in fact it tastes really good – using this recipe: and decided to eat much less meat which interestingly turned out to be much easier than I first imagined:

Outside of our apartment and outside of the Covid theme, the autumn is in full bloom (meaning all the different colours of the nature readying itself for the winter sleep, not actual blooming flowers and such – I am not crazy, yet). I tried to capture the essence of this amazing colourful and really weirdly-warm autumn by comparing some of the changes we have seen in just a weeks time, when we were bicycling on the Circular path around Ljubljana (if you are ever in Ljubljana and are ready for a longer walk, check this out: – it is really worth the walk and will give you a feeling of what it means to live in Ljubljana).

Right now, at the moment of writing, I am hoping that the headache from the previous two days (not the best sign) will not turn into something more unpleasant.