I do not know what I was thinking in the beginning of my Beer mission. I should have started at the core. When you come to a new town and you want to try a typical national beverage (that is definitely beer in Germany), you just have to start with the most common or the oldest.   Bayreuth has a brewery that is named simply Bayreuther.


Even by the name you could guess that this is probably the oldest brewery in the town with the same name. Only the first could claim it, all others that came after it, had to invent different names. So, Bayreuther, the oldest brewery in town.  

Paula and I tried two different beers from this brewery, white and dark. And I must say I liked them both (Paula prefered the dark one). I learned from a Michelin guide book that there was once a code for brewing a beer in Germany. It was called Reinheitsgebot – purity law. It decreed that nothing but barley, hops and plain water can be used in the making of German beer (today yeast is also allowed). Although the decree is no longer valid, most German breweries still abide by that decree. I think Bayreuther beer is one fine example of this, judging by its taste.  

The white beer has a strong smell of hops. It foams nicely and the taste is sort of milky in texture with strong hops presence but still goes down the throat smoothly. Simply barley, hops and plain water – beer. Bayreuther. No experiments, no fruits, no unwanted surprises. Keeping it simple. The dark beer is even tastier, but with less intensive taste of hops. The downside to this beer is that it does not stand out in the abundance of different beer that Bavaria has to offer. But that does not bother me in the least.