It is mindboggling how a world can change in a 100 years. So much so, that an occupation that was infamous at the turning of the last century, not only does not exist in this century, but people have a hard time understanding what it actually is. An Oyster Pirate was basically a name for oyster poachers, that stole (in an organized way) oysters from North America´s privately owned sea-waters. As unusual as this sound, it is basically insane to think of something like that in Europe´s seas, mostly because our seas are not and cannot be privately owned, but are mostly owned by the states. Or is it so impossible?! Actually, while a semi-organized profession “Oyster Pirate” no longer exists, there are people who poach oysters from protected areas and who can be prosecuted for it. So essentially, we have not evolved that much – hm, well I am kind of disproving my point.

Maybe, a better example of how far we have come in the last 100 years is better represented by a young black poet, that recited her copyrighted poem at this week’s inauguration of the new US President…and stole the show. Amanda Gorman:

Considering that 100 years ago US still had segregation laws in full effect (and with overwhelming support of the US white population), it is amazing to see a young black woman recite a poem about hope and leading with a better example into the future (watched by the new president, but more importantly a black-asian woman vice-president). Unfortunately, her poem had the potency it had, not because of the situation with human rights a 100 years ago, but because of the situation of the last four years, the years we now call the Trump era, and the failed insurrection and attack on the US capitol just two weeks ago. Her words seemed to resonate even louder because racism and intolerance is very much alive, not just in the US but all across the world. Again, kind of disproving my point on the evolution of the civil human being. Well, I tried to apply an optimistic view on the world.

Good riddance to Trump and the former-Slovenian Melania, a very honest welcome not so much to Biden, but a greeting to a sense of normality. Hope the whole world starts to feel it soon. We are still feeling the aftermath of the Covid infection in the form of coughing and occasional increased tiredness. No new pictures today, but I will clean all of our equipment, and maybe we will get some new awesome shots this weekend. 😀