Short term pressure can be a very good thing – it can give us motivation. On the other side the pressure makes us hurry. Like when I need to go to the toilet really bad, the pressure tends to help me find a toilet in the worst of the situations, but due to the hurry I sometimes completely disregard that there are toilets for two different genders. Back in the day I was famous for a short time in my high school due to this non-discriminatory behavior (basically the women´s bathroom was much closer and it was either a small amount of infamy or a lot of disgrace due to soiled pants). Thinking about it in modern terms of gender-neutral society, I was extremely progressive in my behavior.

Anyway, back to the topic of pressure causing impetuous behavior, I realized that I still have many pictures of our time at the sea left over which I completely overlooked due to the self-inflicted pressure of posting a post. We went through more of the pictures this week and there are so many nice ones I need to post them.

But before I post additional pictures of our time at the sea, I must write about one of the best times one day outings I have had in a long time. Being without kids gives us plenty of time to do things that would be much harder to organize with two small kids. Today for instance we went for two hour SUP ride from lake Zbilje to the limits of the Hydroelectric plant near Trboje lake.

Yesterday, we went on foot from our apartment to my wife´s sister that lives in Grosuplje. Eighteen kilometers of up-and-down hills, some non-existent tracks and tons and tons of amazing views and sights. I unfortunately did not take too many pictures, because the exhaustion of walking for 5 hours kept me busy.

Going through the pictures inevitably leads me to becoming nostalgic. Mental note: I must work on appreciating the moments when they are happening as much as I enjoy the pictures and the memories they awake in me. This was so with the pictures of our sea vacation – the small moments, almost already faded memories immortalized by the 8 bit picture.