Life is curious. It always seems to find a way to surprise me.

Sometimes pleasantly. Like when my son of 10 taught me how to solve a Rubik cube. I remember when I first tried to solve my father´s Rubik´s cube. When I failed miserably for countless of times throughout the years I relented that I will never be able to comprehend the intricacies of “The CUBE”. However, my son (again, he is only 10), learned how to solve it on Youtube, and then took the time needed (about two weeks time) to teach me the algorithm. Honestly, I let him teach me only so that we could spent some time together with a common interest, never ever thinking that the effort would yield any fruits except the quality time with my son. Curiously, while my son can be energetic and impatient most of the time, he presented himself as a patient and capable teacher. When my mind couldn´t work around the problems he presented a new explanation that enabled me to comprehend the necessary steps for solving the cube. At the end I got it and now I am able to solve something that I thought before as unreachable, incomprehensible, even impossible for me. Curiously, now when solving it, it seems so mathematical, so plastic and obvious. Most of all I love that my son taught me something that I have failed at so many times.

Curiously, or expectedly, life can surprise you also very disagreeably. The health problems that have been plaguing me of late, have been persisting and multiplying to a concerning degree. While I tried for all my life to stay healthy and active in sports, be reasonably careful of what I eat, it seems all of that effort did not yield the wanted results. What I am left with are some possibilities, which are as of yet still uncertain, but still give me pause when thinking about them. Dreading what might happen does nothing beneficial for my health or the state of my mind. Therefore, I was unlucky enough to have spent some time with my parents in law in Croatia, now that the circumstances of the pandemic allow for crossing of borders. Nature, family, DIY projects, walks and a lot of good night sleeping without noisy neighbors worked wonderfully on us.

Flowers are blossoming despite the hard frost two weeks past, weather is getting warmer despite the persevering rains and it is May already. Curious, it feels like we just only celebrated the New Year, looking hopefully forward toward a year without a pandemic. Soon, half of 2021 will pass and the world is still entrenched in a fight against this disease, while we push onward towards a curiously uncertain future. Now I pushed the limits to the use of curious and will call it a day.