I don`t know why my head hurts when I try to write something or do some unemployed work, but it doesn`t hurt if watch a whole season of Suits on the same screen?! Hm, maybe this particular disease is called laziness?

I maybe lazy these past few days but I have also been sick. My nose has still not cleared up, so I have snot to export and the head does hurt me still. In this state I enjoy lying in the bed, watching series I like and thinking how I miss law (oh, yeah, the series is about lawyers, really cool good looking ones – what did you expect from an American TV series). The last month of our stay in Bayreuth has come at last – too soon for our taste, but there is nothing we can do about it. Saying goodbyes was never particularly hard for me, I never cry about it even though I know I will miss the people. I usually shed a tear after a few years when I look back on things and start missing the people or the place.
This week on Monday my Sensei and I kind of said our goodbyes and he gave me a farewell present in a form of a bath towel. And it had on it my name (the surname was spelled wrong, which made laugh really hard) and the logo of the club. With it he said that this is something to make me remember my time here in Bayreuth and that I should never stop doing karate (either he recognizes my awesomeness or he says this to everyone that is moving from Bayreuth to Scotland :D)

Karate has been one constant for me here in Bayreuth and I have come to love this dojo. Here is what I thought of this dojo in German (I wrote this to my sensei with my cancellation of the membership):
»Ich möchte Ihnen auch großen Respekt zollen, weil ich jetzt schon 28 Jahren ein Karateka bin und in verschiedenen Karate Vereine trainiert habe. Nach einem Jahr beim Karate Dojo Shogun Bayreuth kann ich sagen, daß dieser Verein einen von besten ist, die ich bis jetzt trainiert habe. Die Leute die da trainieren sind echte Karateka, mit viel Kenntnis, und sind sehr freundlich gegenüber einem Neuankömmling wie ich. Auch die Sensei in dem Verein sind erfahren und haben alle sehr viel Hertz, Geist und zusätzlich viel Weisheit. Es war die Ehre, daß ich mit Ihnen trainieren dürfte. Vielen Dank dafür.

I wrote it because in person I would just make so many mistakes (the written work was corrected and approved by Andrej) I have put this on the blog because I want to remember how I felt about this club – I loved it and in some way it has reignited my love for the sport. And that is all I have to say about this subject.

Otherwise, I am lying in the bed, the kids are climbing all over me until Paula gets home, then they climb all over her. It seems we are just selling our stuff (today we will probably sell the TV) and counting the days till departure. TICK TOCK