Today is the 8th day of our (no longer self) imposed isolation. I would love to say that the situation is improving, but alas it is not. There is just too much bad information, too much unclear information and so many government restrictions regarding peoples liberties that it is very hard indeed to remain complacent or impassive. Regardless that I personally agree with all the imposed restrictions regarding the movements, travel, socializing, work etc., as a lawyer I think about the fact that these restrictions are impeding our rights, that during the crisis we have to put a lot of trust into our government and that trust I fear is currently seriously lacking. It doesn´t help then that the first week of work of the new government all the ministers got a pay increase and that the journalists are not allowed to access the accurate and updated information regarding the crisis except the one that the government decides to share.

However, for now we have enough food, even enough toilet paper and I must say we do get along as a family even when locked in our apartment for days on end – I think our experience of living as a solitude unit abroad helped with that. The only negative effect that I can notice in this mad world of ours is the fact that I am gaining weight (contributing factors are a good stockpile of food and lack of exercise). So it hasn´t been hard to stay inside with the exception of occasional walks early in the morning before the paths are too full of people for the tense situation that we are in. At home we worked really hard to keep up with the school obligations, I even started teaching both kids karate instead of the usual dull PE classes. We play more computer games than usual, but that is to be expected – I am guessing that the gaming industry is not suffering too much due to the crisis. And of course I have been very diligent on the creative field. With the makro world as crazy as it is, it is easy to find solace in the always present but unseen word of micro objects. My wife, the scientist, gave me some black and white pictures she made with a bad-ass microscope at work and I used my considerable undeniable artistic talent to make them look pretty. Being lost in my artistic freedom of expression I didn´t care that the pictures do not in any way mimic reality but instead purposely mislead the beholder into thinking they are looking at something else entirely. I am very pleased with the results. What do you think? (POP QUIZ – can you guess what is on the pictures?)

The next gallery is a little bit more “creative” expression, but still, the platform of the picture is an actual microscopic photo.