I haven`t gotten around to this one, because there is just too little time for writing. I can barely manage to keep up with one post a day.

The first day of my friend Damjan`s visit (you can read it in Vino – a family visit) we went to a pub I have been meaning to visit for a while now (it came recommended by several people).


After a few beers I told Damjan that I really wanted a Zwickl glass (the kind I posted in the Foreigners). And Damjan came up with a brilliant idea (every idea seems brilliant when you`re drunk, but this one was, because it was so obvious) and proposed that we buy the glasses we were drinking from. So we asked the bartender, he had to ask his boss, the boss said yes and we went home with two new original Zwickl glasses.


A small victory for a man on a mission I would say. Paula wasn`t impressed. These days it is hard to impress her with these beer exploits 🙂 .