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… the German (organised) way. How do you learn the differences between different beer types? You try them all. But how do you know you have tried them all? You leave it to Germans to figure the way and you just buy their product. The German beer culture in one box: This is what awaits me […]

Milan Stibilj (1929–2014)

Ne gre za osmrtnico ali turobno pisanje, le spomin na dolgoletnega soseda in družinskega prijatelja, ki mi je kot otroku kupil kolo, ker si ga nismo mogli privoščiti. Ker je bil dober človek in očitno tudi velik umetnik. Slednje je zelo dobro skrival. Milan Stibilj… was our long-time (twenty years) neighbour in Vodmat. He lived across […]

Reggaehase Boooo

What can you expect from a puppet show named Reggae Rabbit named Boooo (live! nonetheless)? Apparently a lot! It was absolutely fantastic, fresh, with lots of fun (live) music the kids could dance to. And the story got me involved even though it was in German. Going to a puppet show reminded me I hate […]

Offspring / Potomci

Offspring / Potomci

Having a child changes you forever. I do not mean that I fell in love with my kids the moment I saw them and that an overwhelming sense of fatherly love overpowered me (when I first saw them I was scared out of my wits, they smelled funny and they weren`t even close to pretty, […]