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Work / Delo

Today Mojca woke up with a swollen left eye. I didn`t notice it well into the second hour after she woke. A swollen eye usually means we stay at home. But this time I think it is a reaction to a – wait for it – mosquito bite. Yes, you read that right; there are […]

A small victory

I haven`t gotten around to this one, because there is just too little time for writing. I can barely manage to keep up with one post a day. The first day of my friend Damjan`s visit (you can read it in Vino – a family visit) we went to a pub I have been meaning […]

A Story / Zgodba

Lately I have been noticing that the kids like and understand stories more than they used to. As I am a big fan of stories myself I told them a story about a hobbit (yeah, ok I stole the story, but they do not know that). But this was not just an ordinary telling, we […]

Crazy weather / Ponorelo vreme

I swear to the Jedi order that not two days ago we had to dress almost for winter (well us not the Bayreuthians who are dressing like it is summer since March). Not in my wildest imagination could I expect that I should dress the kids any different today. The moment we stepped out all […]

Sun and Sickness / Sonce in bolezen

Just when the sun returns to us after two weeks of bad weather, Ambrož falls sick (I think it is all the running he did on Saturday). Yesterday he was so sick he had his body temperature over 39 degrees Celsius, today, after a good night sleep under some drugs (Brufen, we just gave him […]

Happy Birthday Judit

Have you ever had a perfect day that took you completely by surprise? Today was one of those days for me. All of you regular readers of this blog probably remember Judit and Ljubo I mentioned in one of my first posts (First impressions). This same Judit invited us to the celebration of her birthday. […]