Well, no not really. More like spiraling into gaming. The past week has been characterized by numerous hours put into gaming – playing Witcher 3 and Grim Dawn. It has gotten to the level where my eyes physically hurt due to the strain I put them through. Of course, this has started to nudge at my consciousness which is constantly trying convince me that I should really use this time to be more productive as I have so much else that I could do instead of play games. I brush my consciousness of my shoulder and lend an ear to the other voice that keeps asking me what kind of armor we are going to find in the dark world of Grim Dawn.

Anyway, so the fifth week of isolation is behind us. The most exciting thing that happened was the dispute over the drums that were played by a kid in our apartment building. It gotten so loud that people on the streets started stopping in front of the building trying to figure out who the hell lost their minds. So, it is understandable that the degree of noise was so much more intense inside the building and it really drove us insane. After a talk that was sort of an argument but not really, we managed to find a solution that might be acceptable for most of the people living here.

Trying to keep creative, I wanted to see how it would look if I caught a nice picture of me pouring some more beer into my glass. It looked so nice, that I emptied my glass fast and tried a couple of more times. And that was basically where the creative process ended.

The routine is still persistently keeping us from spiraling into a dullness that would affect our demeanor. One walk a day, yoga, jump-rope and you have a nice recipe to keep you from actually spiral down into the place where madness is just around the corner. Also, the home schooling has kept us all more disciplined than we would probably be otherwise. So I made a couple of pictures during home schooling that will remind us of this time when it will be all over. Now, we just need to wait until things go back to normal. But now we have a clearer picture that our normal, the pace and self-destructive way of our world should not be the normal, but something that we need to change. Here I go, tying to pick a fight with a windmill…

As always, signing off on a positive note, with some squirrels we caught the other day – on camera.