Lake Bled – taken by me three years ago when I tried to rediscover the affection for Slovenia – and failed for what it seemed a very long time.

Almost three years ago (has it really been that long), I posted the last post as the hertourage self-proclaimed leader. At that point I was wondering what is in store for us.

The first posts will be about that time, the life after hertourage and how we adapted to our life back in Slovenia. I will also try to resurrect the previous blog in the separate part of this page (you will be able to read all the posts I can dig out of the binary databases of our several laptops) and slowly the story of us when we followed her in the name of love will be rebuilt. As it turns out our kids can still read English, and now they have shown curiosity for the time they can barely remember.

And now I know what a part of this blog will be – a memoir to the greatest age of our lives.