Funnily enough this isn’t a post about my actual addictions (video games and my phone being at the forefront of my addiction list). While I could write hours about why I still like playing video games and how the people around us are not perceiving the world but are constantly looking at their phones (this fact has gotten so prominent, that I tested this observation and noticed, that at least one in three drivers on the road is looking at their phone or phoning while driving, parents are obsessively looking at their handheld screens while walking with their kids or their partner and so on). In fact, this blog-post will be about the thing that is missing – and that is the adrenaline that I felt when going to the cave – our caving experience is described in my previous blog. Basically, to summarize and to not go into a complete repetition of our experience, the adrenaline that was released and the catharsis that we (well, that I went through, because in my observation I had the most turbulent time while squirming through tight hole underneath thousands pounds of rock) experienced is very hard to repeat. And honestly, writing about the caving experience was as fun and emotional as the experience itself. Naturally, it is impossible to duplicate and to imitate the excitement of writing a blogpost without that drive. Honestly, I haven’t enjoyed blogging as much as I did when we lived in Scotland where everything we did initiated as much emotion and the wish to share the experience as did the caving experience.

And that is completely unfair towards the last few weeks that have been filled with funny and exciting moments.

For instance, the time that we visited a corn-maze with our friend Tina and her daughter. We had a grand time, especially because we, the adults, managed to “lose” the kids in the maze and had a lot of time to ourselves – not to talk, but to be stupid and childish (next to aggravating other people we met in the maze we had loads of fun with some visual tricks):

The same weekend we went for two walks in the Slovenian mountain region Gorenjska – the ol’familiar route Tamar and the newly discovered route Krnica that both offered some great views of Slovenian mountains. Again, we had an amazing time, with kids surprising us how they were able to easily complete walks that presented a serious effort just a year or two ago. But mostly we will remember the misfortune of my son, who was unable to get his most craved for dish of Šmarn (a sort of scrambled pancakes with jam) due to a series of misfortunate events and missed opportunities:

Not even macrophotography of these lovely flowers did not arouse the interest I once felt when finding the best angle to shoot the small droplets of morning due on the blossoms. Still, a very lovely sight:

We definitely got some excitement with several of our friends at the amusement park that is staying in Ljubljana for a couple of months. I completely chickened out (blaming my motion sickness) and went only for the go-karts and candy cotton, which in itself is sooo unhealthy you could consider it as the most dangerous thing in the park, while the kids tried almost every ride and attraction – the Haunted house getting the biggest thumbs up from them:

In the end capturing a sunny day on the Napoleon’s route while a thick fog covers our city Ljubljana makes a very good excuse to get out and try to get some excitement, even if it does not come close to the adrenaline rush of caving:

In the end, I think this guy kind of knows what I mean by this blog.