After this negative title I feel I have to start with something more uplifting.

The week following Christmas on the other hand, was full of adventure and fun and excitement.

As I had all the week off from work during the week before New Year, I tried to make most of it and I took the kids walking around the Cerkno lakes, which are intermittent lakes of great natural beauty and wonder. I haven’t been there too often, so it always feels like I am discovering something completely new. The kids enjoyed it, but not as much as I. Besides, my leg did not hurt me too much at that time yet, so it was easier to enjoy a longer walk than it is right now.

And now for the great finish. I am 41 years old and getting older has made me more squeamish and sensitive to certain things than I was in my 20ies. However, Gardaland at lake Garda in Italy was the amusement park that I always wanted to go. Listening to my friends that visited it when I was younger, describing all the awesome rides they experienced, it intrigued me. Because we are able to afford it and there was an opportunity to meet up with our Italian friends that live in Scotland, we decided to finally go for it. I expected to be scared out of my wits by the thrill rides in Gardaland. What I did not expect was discovering for ourselves (everyone I talked to already knew that, but for me apparently) a very beautiful part of Italy, which offers so much more than just an amusement park. Lake Garda is a natural wonder, surrounded by mountains and history that one can only marvel at. We will return there if we have a chance – if not for the crazy rides (although I am not going into the Magic House ever again), then to discover more about the Garda region. Like Verona for instance, where there is more to discover than just brass breasts of fictional Giuliette, who has been given a real fictional balcony that Romeo climbed in a totally made up story. Somehow it was necessary to build a balcony and name it the Romeo&Guliette balcony, despite the fact that these people never existed. While people storm into that courtyard to grab Guilette’s brests, I found Verona to be overcrowded, despite taking my breath away a couple of times, when we came to the riverside and the hills surrounding the city.

After all of that we started the New Year with another trip – to Castle Snežnik, where next ot the wonderful tour of the castle we had an ice skating adventure on a flooded field adjacent to the castle that was frozen due to very low temperature. I am just going to leave it at that.