Another beer entry. For all who think: “This guy is an alcoholic!” I have just one thing to say – tasting beer is important work of cultural significance. You don´t believe me?! I have proof:


You see?! It is a Franconian culture thing. Important from the point of view of homeland (heimat), tradition (well, that spells the same) and enjoyment (genuss). And I am a cultural worker doing generally beneficial work. So there you have it, let`s get back to beer.

I have found a beauty. WEISENOHER (brewed in a Kloster (monastery) in Weißenohe). Ok the name sucks and is hard to pronounce, but the beer has one of the most beautiful colours I have seen in a beverage. It is like bronze or something. Just looking at it makes me smile 🙂 .


And it is a fine tasting beer, with a little bitter aftertaste but still very drinkable. As for the whole impression it seems like it is a mixture of white and dark beer. The only complaint I have is that it seems a bit stale, like it has been opened too long (you can see there is hardly any foam on the top, and I tried foaming it up while pouring, but with little success). All in all a good beer for my taste.