Yeah I know I said we start our mission on first of April. So we cheated a bit, we had to. When relocating a whole family, there are a few things you have to take care of. First you need an apartment. So Paula and I went to Bayreuth last week to secure us a place to live in (more about this in First Impressions). During that time I was sick (I had bronchitis and inflamed sinuses), so I was really careful of what I eat and drink. Therefore it appeared as though I would not get to try any beers. Thankfully I was wrong.

Obviously soccer is a big thing in Germany. So our first week in Bayreuth, while staying at the house of Paula host professor, I was invited to a soccer game between FC Bayern and Arsenal (a return match). Even in Slovenia it is customary to bring something to a soccer game (chips or drinks), so I decided to bring a beer from a closest brewery next to our apartment. Because I didn`t have a fridge the beers I brought weren`t cold. But the host was prepared. And I didn`t have the nerves to decline an offered beer (I was afraid it would cause an international incident 🙂 ).

So my first beer in Bayreuth was Zwickl, brewed in Bayreuth.


The first taste I had scared me because I thought I already found it – the best beer in Germany (maybe it was just the effect of relief that I didn`t hate it – we shall see in time). Zwickl is a dark (dunkel) beer that is extremely drinkable. It has enough caramel taste with creamy texture that makes it a keeper. So, yeah I recommend Zwickl to anyone who can get their hands on it. I sure am going to try it a couple more times (already did – but hush, don`t tell anyone).