You have got to understand my plan of execution of the Beer Mission before I continue with it.

In the beginning I decided I am not going to google any beer but just write what I taste. The consequence of this masterplan is however a bit embarrassing. For instance, when I wrote that I should have started this mission with the oldest brewery in town (Bayreuther Brewery) I did not know I actually have. Zwickl is a brand beer from Bayreuther Brewery. And it seems I have tasted all of Bayreuther brews: helle, kellerbier, heffeweissbier und Zwickl.

So my plan was not perfect, but concentrated on the fun of it. Seems like I will do some research on the beer I drink in the future. Or, maybe not. 😛

As it was to be expected from the culture of beer drinking here in Germany there is a Springfestival – die Fruehlingsfest. And it is all about fine cuisine and beer. And the biggest biergarten belongs to Bayreuther Brauerei – Herzogkeller (see the picture in the header – it is from the internet site of the Herzogkeller – google it and it will make your mouth water). This is probably a must see. So I am gonna see it. Sooner or latter. Maybe with the next visitor that comes to see us. Who is it going to be I wonder?!