This one is only in English (it is Friday and if I can`t go out with the guys any more, I can at least relax a bit). Mami, ta je samo v angleščini – saj je samo pravniški mumbo jumbo:

Just to make things clear. This is not an advertisement.

Yuvi is something I am personally working on, offering help to good friends of mine (pro bono), who have in my opinion created a really interesting app and cartoon. But unfortunately for them (and for me :P) they are not lawyers and merchandising a product like this requires quite a lot of legal knowledge. Here is where I come in (yes, next to cooking and cleaning and playing kids games I am a law expert – on different fields – yeey for me). I try to help them with advice wherever I can with whatever they need. And it has been an interesting ride.

So this is the thing I said I have been working on. My friends are trying to merchandise their product (for the link to their site just click on the handsome fellow above – no, don`t look for my picture, click on Yuvi :D). And they are doing this in different ways. Every way of merchandising has its specifics. Merchandising an app has its legal requirements of perfecting the Terms of Use and Liability clauses. Whereas selling the licences to specific broadcasting companies or other distribution companies needs a lot of contractual work – specifying the obligations and rights and the transferal of copyrights.

It is all very interesting and gives me lots of experience in the field of law that I had an eye on since my post graduate studies. For instance, in the beginning we had to make agreements with every person that did any work on the project. Every aspect of intellectual rights transferal had to be specified with contracts. So I had the privilege of seeing the whole process of making a product like this, from the beginning onward – at least the legal part of it (it is not me in the Yuvi suit, I wouldn`t fit in). Exciting stuff. Mustn’t be too excited otherwise these guys will send me more work to do.

So now you know what I have been working on. Now you know the reason there hasn`t been any new post of my beer mission for a while.